The main goals of the Coelacanth Genome Project

  This project is intended to provide a cornerstone to answer the long-debated and scientifically important question; how vertebrates successfully adapted to terrestrial life, through whole genome sequencing of extant coelacanth species and comparative genomic analyses.

Assembly Information
Assembly ID LatCha_J1.0
Assembly date Sep. 2012
Accession (CON) DF158906-DF196766
BioProject ID 174410
Provider NIG / Tokyo Tech
Statistical information
Total 2.74Gb
# of scaffolds 37,861
Scaffold N50 331 Kb
Contig N50 9.04 Kb
Longest 2.38 Mb
Rate of 'N' 4.50 %
# of gene locus 28,331
# of non-coding RNA 2,299

What's new

  • Coelacanth fosmid end data were added.
*Fosmid clones are available from Comparative Genomics Laboratory, National Institute of Genetics. Please e-mail to clonebank @